Asia Pacific University - Bsc (hons) Computer Games Development


I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Games Development at the Asia Pacific University Malaysia in November 2017, achieving a 2:1 class honours. The course was a dual degree program with the Staffordshire University in UK – which further accredits my certificate at an international level.

The program aimed at moulding students as employment-fit graduates at the end of the 3 years course. Emphasis was drawn towards key areas of the game production pipeline such as game programming, 3D design, texturing and game AI to mention a few. I was also introduce some more advanced game components such as shader scripting, game engine scripting and computer vision.

In order to inculcate good working ethics prior to employment, the course required students to submit 6 assignments (relevant to modules) per semester – a total of 36 assignments over the 3 years – within a given time frame. Furthermore, I was also introduce to project management, business management and innovative product development techniques.

At the end of my studies I was awarded the Certificate of Creative Excellence by the university for my contributions to the development of the Computer Games Development course and all its relevant subsidiaries. Some of my key contributions leading to this achievement are: being one of the co-founders and committee of the APU Computer Game Club which aims to share the basic concepts of game development to enthusiast fellow students; being part of the group of students developing the first Virtual Reality game as an module assignment and showcasing it at the Malaysian Games Gathering; being part of the first managing committee board of the APU E-sport Club – which later resulted in the birth of the E-sports course due to its success –  and acting as lead coordinator for several this club’s game tournaments; last but not the least I developed the first Final Year Project which makes use of Virtual Reality as one of its main focus points. The project was later rated as one of the best ever produced in my field of study at Asia Pacific University.



BSc (Hons) Computer Games Development (2014 -2017)

  • Upper Second Class – 2:1 (CGPA: 3.45)
  • Awarded Certificate of Excellence for exceptional contribution to the field of study.
Notable Co-Curricular Activities:
  • President of Mauritian Community (2015 – 2017)
  • Committee Member for APU E-Sports Club (2016)
  • Lead Coordinator for APU Madfest E-Sports Tournaments. (2016)
  • Lead Organizer of the APU Island Night event (2016)
  • Developer of first VR student-project showcased the Malaysian Games Gathering (2016)
  • Event Manager for APU Computer Games Club (2014 -2016)
  • Logo Designer for APU Computer Games Club (2014 -2016)
  • Lead Designer and Lead Decorator for Mauritian Independence Day (2015)
  • Choreographer and participator for Fashion Show for Mauritian Independence Day (2015)
  • Poster Designer for tennis club (2015)
  • Logo Designer for drama club (2014)

College Du Saint Esprit - Cambridge 'A' Level


I join the educational institute College Du Saint Esprit (Mauritius) in 2011 following my top performance at the Cambridge ‘O’ Level during the previous year as it was considered one best college in the Technical side on the island. 

During my stay at this Star School, I studied Mathematics, Design and Technology and Art and Design as my main subjects while I took French and General Paper as secondary subjects.  At the end of my third year, I managed to achieve an excellent result at the Cambridge International ‘A’ Level Examination – ‘A*’ in Mathematics, ‘A*’ in Design and Technology, ‘A*’ in Art and Design, ‘a’ in French and ‘a’ in General Papers. 

This result propel me among the elite students of my generation. I was ranked 229th (top 0.02%) at national level, all competing students inclusive, and 12th in the Technical Side (Boys) still at national level. At the College Du Saint Esprit, I was ranked as the second best performer in the Technical Side and I was awarded best performer for Art and Design. I also wish to mention that my coursework for this subject was ranked among the Top 15 Art and Design coursework in Mauritius for the year 2013 and was exhibited for public viewing at the Mauritius Examination Syndicate Gallery for a month.



Cambridge ‘A’ Level (2011 – 2013)

  • Mathematics (A*), Design and Technology (A*), Art and Design (A*), French (a), General Paper (a)
  • Runner-up performer in Technical Side
  • Ranked 12th at national level in Technical Side (Boys)
  • Ranked 229th at national level out of 11, 650 candidates (both boys and girls included)
  • Art and Design coursework ranked among 15 best coursework at national level and exhibited at MES.
Notable Co-Curricular Activities:
  • Lead Designer and Decorator for Fancy Fair (Fashion Show – 2013)
  • Lead Decorator for Fancy Fair (Fashion Show – 2012)
  • Decorator for Fancy Fair (Discotheque – 2011)

Phoenix State Secondary School - Cambridge 'O' Level


Phoenix State Secondary School (S.S.S) is the place which shaped my future and helped me forge the competitive mentality needed to reach my goals in life.

For the first two years at this educational institution I was just a random kid – an average student with no noteworthy skills at sports. Following a management change in 2008, the new rector promoted all aspects of education in order help students to fully grow and develop. During that year, I was slowly being known for my artistic skills (drawing and painting) by my peers, but also by my teachers. After demonstrating my passion for digital art, I was quickly assigned as the Graphic Designer of the School Magazine 2008; thus becoming by far the youngest member of the School Magazine Team. During that same year, I acted as one of the designer ( for logos and flags) for the Annual Sport Day.

For my last two years, I was promoted to Lead Designer for the School Magazine and the Annual Sport Day which gave me the taste of responsibilities and leadership at such a young age. I was also given the upmost honour to revamp the school uniform by designing a new polo shirt and tracksuit for the school. During my final year at the institution, I was raised to the rank of Prefect Body by the school management following my contributions to the college’s prestige.

After completing the Cambridge International ‘O’ Level Examination, I was ranked as second best performer of my class with an aggregate of 9. I was awarded best performer in Art and Design and best performer in Design and Communication at ‘O’ level by the school.

It is without mention that this institution inculcated me with non-academic values such as responsibility, leadership, time management, teamwork and perseverance at a young age.  But above all, I was taught that failure is not an option and that, no matter what, I shall prevail.

“A Phoenix dies and rises again from its ashes. You are and always will be a Phoenix” 

– Mr.Dharmalingum (Rector, 2008-2010)


Cambridge ‘O’ Level (2006 – 2010)

  • Aggregate: 9
  • Awarded best student for Art and Design at ‘O’ level.
  • Awarded best student for Design and Communication at ‘O’ level.
Notable Co-Curricular Activities:
  • Member of the Prefect Body (2010)
  • Decorator for Fancy Fair (Horror Room – 2010)
  • Lead Graphic Designer for school magazine (2009)
  • Lead Designer for Annual Sport Day (2009)
  • Designer for school polo shirt and tracksuit (2009)
  • Graphic Designer for school magazine (2008)
  • Designer for Annual Sport Day (2008)
  • Member of Student Council (2008)