Yvan Pidial

About me

Hi! I am Yvan, a game programmer and developer from Mauritius. (yeah, The Paradise Island!) I have been creating games since the age of 15 and an ardent gamer for as long as I can remember.

Even though I was extremely zealous in 2D and 3D design during my teenage years, I found my true passion – game programming – upon completing my tertiary studies in Computer Games Development at Asia Pacific University Malaysia.

My creative problem-solving skills, in-born curiosity, dedication, perseverance and work ethics have been the key factors leading to my employment as Lead R&D Developer at EON Reality Mauritius right after my graduation. Thus, I have been involved in numerous avant-garde projects that I will not be able to publish here… cough.  However, here you can see some of the projects I’ve been working on lately.

Later on, I decided to go back to my roots and these days I am working as an indie game developer – I did not want to miss my true calling.


I graduated from Asia Pacific University Malaysia with honors after completing my bachelor dual-degree (with Staffordshire University) in Computer Games Development. I was also given a Certificate of Creative Excellence by the academic institution for my contribution to the improvement of my field of study through my extra curricular activities and my final year project (for innovative breakthrough in game designing).

Prior to my tertiary studies, I excelled at the University of Cambridge’s Higher School Certificate International Examination and was ranked 12th in Technical Side at national level. I finished in the top 0.02% of students taking part in this examination at national level, ranking 229th based on overall performance regardless of field of study . . .

My Areas of Expertise


I strive to provide the best gaming experience to the players but also to offer modular scripts for quick twerking and testing process.


I aim to create well-balanced game levels in regards to the player's hype and complexity in progression; in order to achieve high replayability and an on-going fun experience.


I have an in-depth technical knowledge of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality devices as well as past experience in developing games/applications for these platforms.

My skills

Since I was a kid, I always had a thirst for knowledge. By the time I graduated, I already had laid hands on a lot of different branches of the digital world – digital art, movie making, game development and lately web design.

I started making digital art from a young age using my graphic tablet and Adobe Photoshop. Slowly my passion, grew to 3D modelling for a brief period; which allowed me to develop my texturing skills.

While the years flew by, I found myself becoming more of a technical artist for the game  production – a creative programmer and a talented texturer.

Game Engines
Unity  -  4 yrs
Unreal Engine  -  < 1 yr
EON Studio   -   1 yr
XNA Studio   -   < 1 yr
Programming Languages
C#   -   3 yrs
JavaScript   -   1 yr
C++   -   < 1 yr
HTML 5   -   < 1 yr
PHP   -   < 1 yr
CSS   -   < 1 yr
Graphic Software
Adobe Photoshop   -   9 yrs
Adobe Illustrator   -   1 yr
3D Modelling Software
Autodesk 3ds Max   -   2 yrs
Blender   -   2 yrs
Autodesk Maya   -   < 1 yrs
Development Tools
Visual Studio   -   3 yrs
NetBeans   -   < 1 yr
Adobe Dreamweaver   -   < 1 yr



Here you can browse through some of the applications and games that I developed over the last few years. You will notice that though I have deep passion for games, I also ventured in other industries such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and mobile development.

Notable Participation

Just work and no fun, makes Yvan a dull man! So now and then, it is important to go out of the scope of work and get involve in other activities. Learning new culture, sharing quality time and experiencing new feelings is all part of life!

Contact Me

Want to know more about me then you can connect with me on social medias or just drop me a message below.